A Bit Personal Much?!?

Due to the lack of posting ( meaning I haven’t gone anywhere) I felt like I should give an explanation for my absence. As the of 2015 year comes to an end, I must say life has shown it’s true colors. So in short (& not in this direct order) here’s what happened….I broke up with my boyfriend, got emotionally dragged through the mud by a mother figure of some sorts, had to move back home with family, my camera broke, my dog died, & with all that being so emotionally stress my hair began to break off and I got a skin infection that took over my whole body for 2 months. Now of course there are way more serious things going on in the world to be upset, sad & hurt about; however one can lessen my (or anyone’s) experience about what happens in a life because one never know the emotional or metal stability of said person in that situation. Yet with all the sadness comes lessons learned and I learned have learned A LOT!!! I am now aiming to become a better human verses a better me because being me hasn’t worked as well as it should (I needed a vent moment)….

So with that said: ENJOY YOUR THANKSGIVINGS!!!
I will be at work making some extra funds for my December (4-6th) trip to the Playstation Experience in California.

Brooklyn was his name...RIP

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