Really Jonas?!?!

I’ve been MIA for good reason or so I thought. I postponed all events (that cost money) because I was suppose to go to North Carolina for a week to celebrate my birthday. I had intentions on leaving the 22nd and returning the 27th. Mother Natures third cousin Jonas decided to come visit the east coast. Jonas visited North Carolina first making it impossible for me to leave NYC (they shut down the airport the night of the 21st). My flight was change 5 times within 2 days and of course they shut down NYC for a day as well. My life is a constant struggle. Like most New Yorkers weather doesn’t keep us down so I ventured into the snow a few times for a football game at the bar, a very tasty birthday and brunch with friends. New Yorkers LOVE brunch!!! The food was pretty good but just saying I was out in & survived blizzard of 2016 is even better.

SN: My birthday wasn’t “super de duper” because I didn’t have any backup plans but I made the best of it. Food makes everything better. LOL Don’t forget check the Snapchat : Inattendance




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