The Period Project!!!

I call it a great day when someone else cares about my period just as much as I hate having one. Points to The Pop Up Period Shop. An idea created by a young lady named Sarah M. She called for “A space where we can feel comfortable and respected during an otherwise shifty time of the month”. And what a great I idea it was!


The place felt welcoming, comforting and filled with liners, pads and tampons.THANK YOU KOTEX!!!


There was ice cream, a photo both, comfy couches, an artistic tampons hanging from the ceiling, cool nail art, a collection of clothing showing periods some love, a DJ and a wall of chocolate…A fucking wall of chocolate!!!


I honestly didn’t want to leave and I could have stayed but another adventure called. If I’m correct it’s a traveling pop-up shop so look for then in a town, city or area.

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