Sweet Home North Carolina

I finally made it! My friend of more than 11 years moved to the south in 2005 and I finally made it down there to see her this year. Yeah I’m late as hell but better late then never right??? We did the normal girly stuff like shopping, food and going out but she made me uber excited when she mentioned Carowinds.


I used to live down there so the name was familiar but I had no clue what it was like now because when I was there it was early 90’s. All I knew was it was an amusement park but WOW! MY how things have changed. It was awesome!!!


Over 8 roller coasters, random dinosaurs scattered throughout, high flying rides and great food. The park had 2 interactive ride but the one I was super hype about was Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3Z.


We pretty much had to kill zombies or plants depending on what side you were on. Being the light gamer that I am I placed in the top 10 and my best friend placed top 3.


Coaster after coaster I got on and it was all fun until I got on the Caroline Cyclone. That was one of the worst coasters I’ve been on since the Scream Machine at Six Flags. TERRIBLE, JUST SO ABUSIVE!!! But that didn’t stop me. My grand finale of the day was conquering the Fury 325. According to the park it is the fastest, tallest Gig coaster in the world. *Go Google Gig Coaster, I had too* It was everything I thought it was…Tall as hell!


Now it’s just naturally scary going up extremely high but looking down as you fall 325 ft at the speed of more than 50 miles per hour will make you want to piss yourself. I bravely opened my eyes to witness the fall as I  scream “Oh Shit”. After that everything was a piece of cake knowing I didn’t die. Once I landed back on solid ground a yelled to my friend “I survived” and then we ate funnel cake.


As per usual check the Snapchat & IG for the real time fun. Enjoy!!!

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