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Afropunk 2016 : Day 2

Going back to Afropunk with a new frame of mind made me enjoy it way more than I did the day before. I embraced all that it had to offer. I stood for a second watching the people but this time not in aww but happy  that I got the chance to witness it all. Happy at seeing all the diversity of people.dsc_4678.jpg Happy to know that everyone was welcomed with know questions asked.Still slightly  in aww by the people and their way of dress, with camera in hand I forced myself to pay attention to the music. Before taking in the first performance of the day there was a dance pretty. As the music played the people came.dsc_4656.jpg What started as a small group quickly became half of the parks field being taking up by moving bodies. Dances circles formed.People cheering on strangers and friends who stepped in the center to show their moves.dsc_4675.jpg It was all such a beautiful thing Now on the the MUSIC! Armed with camera in hand my first performance of the day was Angel Haze. She got BARS!!!  It was my first time seeing her perform and I glad I got the chance wit witness her in action. After checking out the tricycle races again I made my way to the gold stage. Somehow the day before I didn’t know it existed but I decided to stay there for the rest of the day and I was glad I did. The next artist I caught was Gallant.HE SANG HIS ASS OFF!!! I was giving me bits of 90s r&b and Prince. Anyone who  gives you bits of Prince in their on original way is a keeper. I was definitely googling him the next day for more. Once his performance  was done I slowly squeezed my way towards the front and Dj Esta began playing. Boy Oh Boy!!!  If there could have been a roof that he could hypothetically tear off, he did the damn thing. Not one soul near the gold stage wasn’t dancing.DSC_4711 Playing a mixture of 90s classics, trap remixes and all thing in between….He was unstoppable. Next up was my newly discovered fav Kelela. She gave so much soul. The group of ladies I was standing next to me knew every word the pretty much every song she sang. She has so many levels to her voice  it was amazing. Her song “Send Me Out” was stuck in head *in a good way* even after I listened to it.dsc_47241 The nights main attraction for me was The Internet. We  were all sooooooo excited to see them live.The crowd swayed together and sang together. Tyler the Creator was in the cut singing along enjoy himself too .We didn’t want it to end, so much so that the crowd started to scream  Encore! dsc_48031

Sadly it didn’t happen but we can always try right.

Stay Tune in to the Snapchat & IG  because its the  time again…. New York Fashion Week!



He Did That!!!

*Screams* Nick Jonas!!!! Yes that male who once was a boy is now a man, a grown man, a sexy short haircut, ABS having, biceps bulging, soul singing man. Dawn and would look like a leather jacket with a long flannel button up and a white T shirt he walked onto the stage and the crowd went wild (I am beyond happy to say I was a part of that crowd). He sang most of the songs from his self titled album Nick Jonas  as well as three new tunes that he’s been working on one he released on Soundcloud and two more which should be on his upcoming album. He even broke out the ultimate throw back classic, BBD’s Poison. He was amazeballz!!! Opening for Nick was a young lady by the name of Bebe Rexha. Now I honestly had no clue who she was. She sang a few songs that were really great and had me singing along to the bits of words that I picked up for the moment. I can say that I felt totally stupid when she sang her closing song “Drinking About You” because I favored it on Pandora 😑 (Yeah that’s the face I made when I figured it all out). Over all, Nick Jonas will take my money again when his next album and tour comes out & I will definitely be paying proper attention to Ms.Bebe  Rexha from now on.

Bebe RehaxNick JonasNick JonasBebe RehaxNick JonasNick Jonas Nick Jonas