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Afro + Punk = AweMotherFuckinSome!!!

AfroPunk I missed you last year due to working at a great sleep away camp but it was 100% free then *(so I was told) low key kicks myself*. Sadly its is no longer free and I already brought tickets to a 2 day event for the summer so what am I to do??? Go to the 100% free one DUH!! Afropunk gave the lucky people who knew about it, a free preview of a little of what you can expect from the paid event & boy it was worth switching my day off. The Performers: Lion Babe, The Skins & Vintage Trouble. Lion Babe makes R&B music with a groove that make you want to jump around & sing or do a sexy dance in the mirror & sing, you get to choose. The Skins are a banging rock band from Brooklyn *SHOUT OUT TO BK* who actually performed last year at Afropunk. I actually seen them do a sound check at Sonos Studio while making a speaker. I know right a speaker….but during that moment they grabbed the attention of everyone in the room. Gladly I had my camera on my so I got a few cool pics. Now on to Vintage Trouble. I had no clue who they were but they let that be known ASAP. Their music is combo of country, rock, R&B, blues, & a hint of church. Now the lead singer TY & I had a connection. Okay I know what your thinking: LIES!!! But I wasn’t the only one who seen it. He knew I was taking pictures of him & would dead in my direction into my lens. It felt one of those movies, where at any point he was going to jump of stage (which he did), come straight to me, grab me by that back of my neck, bust out a high note into the mic while dipping me and I faint on the spot (Which didn’t happen). It was just one of those things you just have to be there for. For more pics click HERE!!!

SN: Check Out My Snapchat: Inattendance & my personal IG: Freespiritstuff  this weekend I’ll be at Mad Decent Block Party both days.

Lion Babe Lion Babe Lion Babe

The Skins The Skins The Skins

See I  Told You: Connection lol
See I Told You: Connection lol

Vintage Trouble Vintage Trouble

Pride & Cause

I got a chance to attend Roar: Broadway Sings for Pride 5th Annual Gay Pride Charity Concert to benefit The Tyler Clements Foundation. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Over 10 performances and special guest with the likes of Dasha Polanco of OTNB, Isis King from ANTM,  Jinkx Monsoon from RPDR & Frenchie Davis from American Idol AND the reunion of both A Chorus Line & Rent, how could it not be AMAZING!!!  On & off Broadway stars from the like of shows such as Aladdin, Legally Blonde, Avenue Q, Jersey Boys, Finding Never-land & many more, came to show support for such a great cause. I felt like a big ass kid sitting there watching it all because I have been to a few plays but the capabilities of all the actresses & actors performing in such an abundance was mind blowing. You can find more pictures I took of the even HERE!!!

To find out more visit Broadway Sings for Pride for more information on how to suppose a great cause & charity.

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